Founder of CEO Kin Moy

My name is Kin Moy,

I'm a former professional fighter turned professional stylist.

My tale is one of tribulations and triumph; of regret and vindication; of growth and perseverance. It sounds pretty epic when told with flourish, but most of it boils down to the typical human experience: ​

I was overweight, socially awkward, and relentlessly bullied from 1st grade until adulthood. So it goes without saying that I wanted to be fit, popular and capable of standing up for myself. The journey from point A to point B was arduous and it has definitely made me a believer of nurture over nature.

Reshaping myself from cream-puff to modern day gladiator; from shy introvert to public figure; from slovenly clod to Dapper Dangerous has been a deliberate and vigorous process. All that I've learned along the journey has been worth even more than the coveted destination.

These experiences have proven indispensable to me as a stylist and as a coach -- helping me empower my clients to be courageous in their expression, effective in their endeavors, and confident in themselves!