Become your own expert stylist!

This program will enable you to cultivate an appearance that authentically communicates your persona and values, triggers positive assumptions from others, and is nearly effortless to sustain.

You will be guided in creating an interchangeable wardrobe in which a few well-chosen garments can create countless outfits. That way getting dressed for success isn't a painstaking chore, but an effortless part of your morning ritual.

A thorough intake consultation in which we identify the message you want your appearance to send and create an actionable game plan to optimize your style at your own pace.

Monthly 1-on-1 coaching calls to ensure that your style and wardrobe progresses steadily.

An in-depth and ever-expanding online course on style, menswear, and visual communication. These modules will break down style psychology, dress codes, proper fit, color coordination, and so much more!

​Membership to an exclusive community of other men working to improve their personal presentation and style knowledge.

The inside scoop on the best deals and sales to outfit you in high quality pieces without breaking the bank!

Exclusive discounts on loungewear, casual apparel, menswear, and custom suits from affiliate stores!

For only $100.00

Look at what the Dapper Dangerous Academy has to say:

Nick H./ Creative Director

"Since joining Dapper Dangerous Academy, my eye for style has completely changed. The weekly challenges always make me stop and think about style choices on a deeper level. It’s completely changed the way I look at fashion now. Mostly in the details that I am now more mindful of, and it all applies to the choices I make with my own outfits."

Eddie C./ Founder

"When I joined Dapper Dangerous Academy, my goal was to elevate my wardrobe and show a level of confidence through the clothing I wear. Kin definitely did just that!

I’m happy with the service and would recommend to anyone looking to make some nice changes to their style!"

Xavier S./ Community Lead

"I have learned about context, contour, color, and composition and I’m excited to keep learning. My first work with Kin resulted in me understanding what characteristics of myself I wanted to express through clothing. From there I was able to upgrade my wardrobe to match that and Kin has been a true companion along the way."

Luca R./ Psychiatrist

"I used to worry about what to wear after going through my 3 favorite outfits for the week, but with the lean and versatile wardrobe that we’ve built together, being well dressed is less of a hassle and more something I look forward to on a daily basis.

In his online course I’ve learned style fundamentals to look dapper for any occasion."

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