Styling Packages

Your appearance sends a message at the speed of sight: to your clients, your boss, and your crush.

Style allows you to script that message to broadcast your poise, personality, and values to the world. Aligning your image and personal brand multiplies your charisma and confidence.

Wardrobe Audit


Less is more!

Together, we’ll audit your existing pieces and sort the winners from the donation bin. By the end of this session, you’ll learn the optimal fit for your body type, the most flattering colors for your skin tone, and you’ll be left with a writeup detailing the next steps in upgrading your style.

Wardrobe Booster


Let’s get right to it!

We’ll hit the shops, get everything tailored to your body, and you’re set to shine. This package is the quickest way to jumpstart your style, whether your closet needs a seasonal refresh, you’ve got an upcoming event, or you just want to look great ASAP!

Wardrobe Makeover


This is the level-up you’ve been looking for!

Closet clean-out, shopping trip, alterations tailoring, and wardrobe assembly -- this package is the whole 9 yards! Within a few short weeks, we’ll completely overhaul your closet so that all of your pieces are versatile, fitted to your body, and make you feel as great as you look!