Style that gets results

George B. / Principal Scientist

Wardrobe Makeover
"I got a new job, new responsibilities, and a paycheck to match. I felt like I needed to 1) look like I belonged in the role and 2) express my life-long hard work and accomplishments in my every day life.

I hired Kin to give me a wardrobe upgrade and I was not disappointed. At work, I definitely noticed a difference in the manner in which I was perceived by my fellow scientists. In every day life I noticed a huge difference in how I was perceived by strangers. For instance, when talking to women at a bar, I found that women were much more likely to engage in conversation. In some cases, I didn’t even have to initiate conversation — women just started talking to me!"

Eddie C. / CFO

Dapper Dangerous Academy
"When I joined Dapper Dangerous Academy, my goal was to elevate my wardrobe and show a level of confidence through the clothing I wear. Kin definitely did just that!

I’m happy with the service and would recommend to anyone looking to make some nice changes to their style!"

Shane F. / Day Trader

Wardrobe Makeover
"I am shocked at how much a good outfit changes my disposition. I feel more confident, more attractive, more creative, more professional. Frankly, I did not think it was possible to look this good, understand how to maintain it, or end up saving this much time and money.

​Thanks Kin!"

Luca R. / Psychiatrist

Dapper Dangerous Academy
"I initially reached out to Kin to help me improve my appearance at work. After our first purchases, I immediately noticed a boost in confidence as well as more respect from my colleagues at the clinic. This sense of confidence has also led to improved communication skills and more influence in my department.

I used to worry about what to wear after going through my 3 favorite outfits for the week, but with the lean and versatile wardrobe that we’ve built together, being well dressed is less of a hassle and more something I look forward to on a daily basis.

In his online course I’ve learned style fundamentals to look dapper for any occasion."

Dan Z. / Software Engineer

Wardrobe Makeover
"Kin has a perspective and attention to detail that is hard to find in today’s age. I finally have a versatile wardrobe where I can get dressed for any occasion within minutes. Not only that but I consistently receive compliments from women on my wardrobe, which I always accredit to “my stylist.”

To put it in layman’s terms, if you want to feel genuinely confident about how you are representing yourself to that world, then I’d look no further than giving Kin a call."

Xavier S. / Community Manager

Dapper Dangerous Academy
"Kin has enabled me to find the middle ground between the company culture and expressing who I am. Ultimately, I realized that I do not need to find a middle ground but instead need to present what I stand for. I have learned about context, contour, color, and composition and I’m excited to keep learning. My first work with Kin resulted in me understanding what characteristics of myself I wanted to express through clothing. From there I was able to upgrade my wardrobe to match that and Kin has been a true companion along the way.

The Dapper Dangerous Academy is my source for improving my image and being confident in the skin I am in."

Are you ready to make that upgrade?