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is communication
is visual language

Style is an extension of your personal brand.

— Satisfied Clients —

Luca R. / Psychiatrist

Dapper Dangerous Academy
"I immediately noticed a boost in confidence as well as more respect from my colleagues at the clinic."
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Shane F. / Day Trader

Wardrobe Makeover
""I am shocked at how much a good outfit changes my disposition."
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George B. / Principal Scientist

Wardrobe Makeover
"In some cases, I didn’t even have to initiate conversation — women just started talking to me!"
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As featured in:

• Boston Common Magazine

• Boston Magazine

• Mensbook

• Lookvine

• EventSense

It is a proven method for broadcasting your values and personality to influence how others perceive and treat you. Leveraging style to maximize your charisma and confidence will give you results! People take you more seriously, show you more respect, and present you with more opportunities.

Best of all, when your outward appearance finally does you justice, you can’t help but carry yourself with unstoppable confidence.

There are 5 steps to making this a reality:

  • Script your message; what do you want your appearance to communicate?
  • Discern your audience; who do you want to be seen by?
  • Identify the context; where do you operate and who are you in that setting?
  • Translate that into clothing; which garments best convey your message to your audience in the setting they'll receive you?
  • Curate an interchangeable wardrobe in which a few garments make countless outfits, so that dressing impeccably is effortless.

The in-person style services will put you on the fast-track to style superstardom, completely transforming your appearance and wardrobe within a few short weeks.